Overseas order

Overseas order

About paypment

Paypal only

About delivery

The shipping cost is corrected according to weight or the country.

About Reserved item

This item is reserve. Usually, we will ship the goods within 45-60 days after receiving clear payment.
Your patience would be highly appreciated.
The pictures shown are samples.
Some details of the item (such as buttons, lace) may have partial modifications depending
on the circumstances of materials.

About return and exchange

This company doesn't accept customer requests for returns or exchanges.

About absenteeism, receipt refusal

Please refrain from the refusal of the receipt of the order product.
When you cannot receive it, the product is sent back.we demand the expense that it costs at the time of return.

About cancellation

We cannot accept the order from customer with the cancellation history.


Because we sell a product to other sites there is a case selling with time lag.

NO mark down package.

Shopping Guide

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